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  1. hey!

    i am from holland! do you live near paris?
    i found somewhere that de la motte buyed a house near versailles? of paris? i dont know! i think it was after celling the diamonds, do you know where she lived in versailles and maybe her prinsonroom?
    i start to read her two volumes memoires, verry interesting!, i am obsessed by this story for..5 years now i gues. i want to wirte a book about it in dutch. and her memoires where published in holland, did you know? there is only one copy of it in a university near my place! this is the title of it: het leeven van jeanne van valois de saint remy, gewezen gravinne de la motte. and i wanna say: you are incrediblle!!:O i wish i could talk to you!, you know almost everything! keep doing good work!

    Nico Hofstra.

    • Hi, Nico! Thanks, I appreciate your praise. I actually live in the United States, but I’ve gotten the chance to go to Paris and Versailles. The La Mottes apparently had rooms in the Palace of Versailles because Nicolas had a position in the guard. However, they rented rooms in the town of Versailles, apparently on the Place Dauphine.

      I’m glad you’ve found the memoirs! I ought to be a very interesting read. The entire Affair is fascinating!

      • Hi, Kevin,

        I think you might want me, Elizabeth, the writer of this blog. Feel free to email me at elizabethany412 at hotmail dot com.


  2. This is so fascinating. I teach history in Miami Flordia and have always been intrested in this story. It has everything and just the fact that a Cardinal could be duped by a con artist so easily is fascinating and so 18th century. Anyway , I just wanted to contact you , it is great when kindred spirits meet. Kevin Bradford King

  3. Hello Elizabeth!
    I’m so impressed about your blog, thought I’d never find something like this. This story is so fascinating!
    I’m reading the Dumas’ novel about the necklace and wanted some more information
    keep the blog on, it’s awesome!
    thanks for all


  4. Dear Elizabeth: Please forgive my addressing you as “Sir” in one of my comments. No misogyny intended, I assure you; it was merely a force of habit (father, grandfathers, uncles, etc.). I must tell you again how very, very much I enjoy “The Queen’s Diamonds”. I saw a re-creation of the necklace, many years ago, at the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan. The late, great Diana Vreeland, former editor of “Vogue” magazine and then Director of the Met’s Costume Department, had mounted a fabulously opulent exhibit titled “The Eighteenth-Century Woman”. You MUST obtain a catalogue! You, of all people, will almost literally swoon! Anyway, the necklace was exactly re-produced at some point using less expensive (!) white sapphires. Oh, well; one must make do, musn’t one?

  5. Heyy,
    I just started my leaving certificate projects a few weeks ago and I chose the diamond affair. I gues I just wanted to say thank you!!! This web helped me a lot to find primary sources 🙂

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