Throwback Thursday–Writerly Wednesday Style

I was going through old papers and came across some absolutely PRICELESS bits of my authorial past. Yes, as long as I can remember, I knew how to write and wanted to be a writer. The earliest dated story I have is this one here from when I was 7 years old:

Clown's Pup

It’s about a clown whose neighbors leave behind their puppy (poor dog!). Because he likes the dog, the clown decides to keep the dog. And that’s the extent of the story. It was, of course, illustrated by myself with the help of a book of cartoons that I traced. I have to give myself credit, though, for doing a REALLY GOOD JOB of coloring within the lines.

And then there’s a fairy-tale like story involving a cat:

cat storyThis was, I believe, something of a rip-off of The Swan Princess.

But my favorite story of all the stories I wrote as a child is this one:

Worcestershire SauceIf you can’t tell, it’s called How Worcestershire Sauce Got and Lost its Name. First of all, it’s a great title. Also, the story isn’t too bad, either. I had no idea that there was a place called Worcestershire. I was eight or nine years old. So when I saw the name on a bottle of sauce, I came up with an idea. Maybe it had been someone’s name, but it had gotten messed up somehow. Enter a shipwreck and a desert island. Here’s Chapter 5:

Worcestershire Sauce1But I think it bears quoting at length:

Chapter 1: Meet David Wochestershire

“Please, let me introduce David Wochestershire [look carefully at the name]. He is very, very creative. Now, with no further ado[,] Mr. Wochestershire.” “Please call me David[.]”

Chapter 2: The Cruise

“It all started about 50 years ago. I was rich and spoiled. One day[,] I went on a cruise. I heard a man yell[,]”A storm[‘]s a-comin’. I reckon it’ll be a bad one.” I remember that like it was 2 seconds ago.”

Chapter 3: The Twister. All boats sink, not mine

“About a halph [sic] an hour later[,] somone[sic] yelled TWISTER. Women fainted, kids cried, and men revived[??]. After all the com[m]otion, people crowded into life boats just as the twister went through the cruise boat. I was away first on my own boat. I watched in horor [sic] as the other boats sank. My boat was strong, theirs weren’t.[“]

Chapter 4: Work

“I soon fell asleep. When I woke[,] I was on a sandy beach. I couldn’t leave because I didn’t have an ore [sic]. That day I made a fire, found an ax in the lifeboat, got wood, built a shelter, and slept. The next day I made a house with a thatched roof, a bed, a closet, and entertainment.[“]

Chapter 5: Wochester’s Sauce

“One night I made a mixture of many things to make a sauce.  I took a piece of wood and with the end of a burned stick, named it “Wochestershire sauce.” Then [I] sent it to main land in a bottle.[“]

Chapter 6: You can’t pronounce it!

“On the way to the main land, the lettering got smugged [sic]. After that, no one could pronounce it correctly [oh my God, look at how good my grammar was!].

Chapter 7: Thank you

“Thank you all for coming, and thank You SO much, David.” “WHY, YOUR [sic] WELCOME!”

I believe there may be some continuity errors there, and apparently my punctuation usage was pretty poor when I was nine. But how much fun is that silly story? Of course, I started getting better and started writing my stories on the computer. I mostly emulated the stories I liked reading, so I wrote mysteries and science fiction when I was reading those types of stories. And while I was super-duper into gymnastics, I wrote about that:

Gymn story Gymn story1It’s great fun to look back and see the spark of my passion for writing. I was pretty good for a kid my age, and of course I got better with everything I wrote. I started writing some historical fiction stories in elementary school. I wrote fantasy and some historical stuff through middle and high school. In college, I got very serious about writing and decided to stick with historical. I haven’t turned back since then and have two completed novels down. They aren’t published (yet!) but I am working on it. Even if they aren’t, though, this whole writing thing is a part of me. The evidence is above.

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