The 1940 Census

The Census Bureau has just released the information from the 1940 census. I know this isn’t strictly related to the Affair of the Diamond Necklace–in fact, it has nothing to do with the Affair. But I’m interested in history in general, and I hope some of the readers of this blog are, as well.

You can find summary and comparative information at the link below:

Information on individuals isn’t all available yet; the specific data hasn’t been digitized and made searchable. If you know the location you’re looking for, however, you might be able to locate the person or people you want to find info on. It will take some browsing through pages of the census. You can help out by letting the Census Bureau know what you find. Follow this link:

I’m curious to look up my own grandparents. The problem is, I’m not entirely sure where to look for them. My paternal grandmother was almost certainly in Lawrence, Kansas at this time, a 15-year old girl. I might be able to find her. I’m not sure, however, whether my grandfather was in college or was still in Pennsylvania, and if so where exactly in PA he might have been. My maternal grandparents were probably in, maybe, Ohio and northern New Jersey. Those are just guesses, however. I’d have to find out more to find them.

Good luck if you’re looking for your family!


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