With a Little Help from a Friend

I want to thank Catherine Delors for mentioning this blog on her own blog. Catherine is the author of Mistress of the Revolution. You can find out much more about it (and her second novel coming out in 2010) at http://catherinedelors.com/index.htm.

You can and should also visit her blog at http://blog.catherinedelors.com/. It’s called “Versailles and More” and it covers a wide variety of topics that I probably won’t touch on here on this blog. Catherine casts her net wide and there are lots of interesting tidbits to be found. If you have any interest in Versailles or French royal history, take a look. Also interspersed are posts about the historical writing itself, ie the HNS Conference. There is also an exhaustive list of links and resources that I could literally spend a week in exploring.

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